Summer Lovin’

After 23 days of Australian summer, I am back at MUWCI; my workload larger, my tea collection bigger and my haircut shorter. It was really the most idyllic 3ish weeks I could’ve spent.


I had forgotten how soft my bed is, how clean Melbourne is, how blue the sea is, or maybe I just hadn’t realised. It was a lovely feeling to be constantly surrounded by my family who, despite what they might think, have been incredibly missed by me.


Despite the sporadic interruptions of Economics Assignments or English IAs, my time was spent catching up on 4 months of interesting tidbits of lives I used to be involved in – crazy, I know, but my sister’s life did not freeze the moment I left Melbourne Airport.

A (slightly early) Christmas present for my sister and me were tickets to Georgy Girl – the Seekers’ musical, in Melbourne. It was amazing, despite me wearing my prescription aviator sunglasses through the entire show as my others were sadly squished during a MUWCIan fashion show.



Between the sea, sand, and sun, I saw friends (many of whom I am sure are lying about their active interest in this blog!!) and family (who were wondering when exactly I was studying between adventures). With so many of my friends there was a strange sense of not time passing at all between us,


It was also amazing to be surrounded by puppies for the duration of my entire stay – my beautiful Cairn terrier, Pippi, had three puppies (Torbjørn, Torkel, and Lochie ) and there was a litter of 10 Labradors residing at my aunt and uncle’s which provided a lot of entertainment over Christmas lunch.10365949_10153849291871155_1497389609651632977_n (1)

I had brought a few prezzies home, which I hoped were enjoyed. My sister turned sixteen and it was lovely to spend more time than a skype call with her. I had really missed her a lot. It is an incredibly strange experience to be so far from someone I’ve spent almost my entire life with.IMG_4083


But in a flash it was over, and I was on the next plane to Singapore (after arriving at the airport a day early, but we won’t talk of that…). With my enormous amount of sliiiightly overweight luggage, I made it to MUWCI and life went on.


I’m sorry for the pathetic length of this post. It’s a strange case of having too much to say in too little words!


all my love,

anna xx




3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Hi Anna, love your blog and great photos of your Christmas at home. Life goes on here apace at Merrijig. I think I work harder here than at work. Hard task master that Louise! We have been having a lot of fun with our grandchildren and the twin girls are just a delight. Sorry not to be back at 104 but hopefully next year.

    So, have fun over there and work hard, and enjoy life.
    Love from Laurie and Louise.


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