Hello, I Love You

Greetings and salutations!

I’m Anna. I’m 16 and moving from a small town in Victoria, Australia to attend the Mahindra United World College of India.

I’ll be keeping a small blog about my experiences and my inevitable mishaps.

If you would like to contact me with ANY questions regarding my time at a UWC or the application process feel free to email me at: annap@aanet.com.au or find me on facebook (a link to which should be present on my blog…somewhere..).

peace&love xx

p.s. don’t click on the ‘read more’ – it’s a trap. There is no more to read.



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More News From Nowhere

I’ve had my last day of high school classes. Ever. What. It still hasn’t really hit me that I’m leaving. I don’t think it’s really hit me that I’ve arrived in India let alone about to fly away. I need to work on my ability to process. […]

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Spring Breathes

I’ve just returned from free dance in SPACE, a hour of free-form flailing (in my case) in the dark to loud music. I thought, as I left the Space for Performing Arts, Creativity,…Etc… (ahh I love it), it might be a good time to break my blogging fast, to return briefly from my information hiatus […]

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Running Away

I have an economics test tomorrow, so I thought: ‘what better time to write my blog?’. The thousands of impending deadlines and assignments did not disappear last week but were briefly ignored as we flew out the school gates down south. Saturday morning we were packed and ready to catch our 10 hour bus to […]

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Misty Mountain Hop

Finally summer’s here and as it’s hotting up (really hotting up – I’ve had lot’s of concerned friends and family writing in about the heat wave that’s made news back home) we bolted north.

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Blue City

We crashed into Jodhpur slightly ahead of schedule. I think any city may look terrifyingly dodgy at 3:30am and Jodhpur was the definite start of this hypothesis. After finding a rickshaw (I don’t think we were his usual early morning clientele) we gave the driver the only address we knew. We found ourselves even more lost […]

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The Adventure

**cue The Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack** Our Experience of India (in the five days dedicated for this precise thing) was (sadly) not directed by Wes Anderson with beautifully colour-scaped trains, Owen Wilson, or witty, quirky dialogue (actually…) but instead a tumultuous flailing into Rajasthan, complete with laughs, learning experiences and a lot of vomit.

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Blue Ridge Mountains

This post, I think, will be mainly bits and pieces from the last few weeks. It’s been, as always, a total whirlwind of chaotic jumbles. It’s been selectively written at multiple times so, please bear with me! A couple of weeks back I went on my first Musical Hike, up to Great Canyon (its true […]

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In celebration of this gloriously strange commercialised holiday, I’ve put together a compilation of some of my favourite love songs. Enjoy or cringe. Sometimes the over-sugared or cheesy is just what you need. (n.b. there will be a real post coming soon – after I finish my economics assignment).

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Summer Lovin’

After 23 days of Australian summer, I am back at MUWCI; my workload larger, my tea collection bigger and my haircut shorter. It was really the most idyllic 3ish weeks I could’ve spent. I had forgotten how soft my bed is, how clean Melbourne is, how blue the sea is, or maybe I just hadn’t […]

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