Spring Breathes

I’ve just returned from free dance in SPACE, a hour of free-form flailing (in my case) in the dark to loud music. I thought, as I left the Space for Performing Arts, Creativity,…Etc… (ahh I love it), it might be a good time to break my blogging fast, to return briefly from my information hiatus.

As this is a recap of a couple of months (I know, I’m sorry!) it may be slightly all over the place – but perhaps fairly emblematic of the past term.

It’s heating up, my feet are starting to blister as I try to walk shoeless along the road at 2pm. There hasn’t been any reminder of the monsoon for a while. Everything is crunchy and golden. Like the sunset I could see from my window this evening.

We had theatre season! One of my highlights of last year was even more amazing this time around. Sixteen performances were put up. Sixteen!! I was planning to direct ‘The Real Inspector Hound’, I still wish I had a little, but after seeing all the other submitted proposals I knew I would regret it if I didn’t act. I was cast in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. One of my all time favourite movie / musicals. It was a crazy effort getting it all together (including Oscar breaking the wheelchair the day of the performance by tackling the flight of MPH steps..) but it was really fantastic.

The other plays performed were The Vagina Monologues, Antigone, Alice In Wonderland, Refugees (an original physical theatre piece), Cafe Muller, The Society of the Spectacle (a completely original play by Ciro), The Importance of Being Ernest, The Lion and the Jewel,  High School Musical, Caligula, Moonrise Kingdom (adapted from the Wes Anderson film), Hedda Gabler, The Wizard of Oz, Raat Ki Ramayana, and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt (performed by the campus faculty children). So much work went into all and it was so fantastic to be able to see a totally different performance every night for two weeks.

Sadly, maybe a result of the final sprint to the end of the year, I can’t think of much more to write other than about work. I’ve had a few interesting assignments (not ‘interesting’ econ surprisingly…). I had to perform a 10 minute theatre oral on Restoration Theatre and applied Commedy of Errors techniques and conventions to a passage from Virginia Woolf’s Orlando; start preparing for my English IOC on either Macbeth or A Room of One’s Own (it’s a surprise on the day); wrote a commentary on gender politics in Antigone; started a long long essay comparing Lysistrata and Much Ado About Nothing; started contructing my final theatre solo. If I start listing anymore I might stress myself out of finishing this post! So that’s a little appetiser hopefully to satiate all those who believe I just flit around Goa and Rajasthan (Mum!).

While my life may be a little more clogged with academic responsibilities, there are still moments that shine through, reminding me that I’m here; having tea on our house roof with friends I consider near family; cooking pizza with locally sourced ingredients and talking about the relationship between gender and sustainability; flopping exhausted on the library lawn after manically swing dancing for an hour; crying with laughter as we blast ABBA on the way back from Paud (everyone always knows the lyrics); writing my journal on internet hill as the sun sets (then tripping over every clod and tuft of grass on the way down); performing a ukulele Avant Gardener with Gaby at MUWCIfest; cooking biscuits in a teachers house then getting distracted by chatting and filling their kitchen with smoke; the first official meeting of the Spy Triveni, complete with belgian walkie-talkies; our ritual friday night farmer’s market pasta, complete with tomatoes, spinach, paneer, onion and more.

I have 83 days left here.

all my love,





4 thoughts on “Spring Breathes

  1. Another great blog post Anna! So good to hear you’re actually doing some work and being forced to wear shoes ! 83 days and counting – can’t wait to see you xx


  2. What a great blog Anna. We’ve just spent an hour reading of your life and adventures.
    What a life!


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