Hello goodbye

I’ve arrived!!!! I’m in INDIA!!!

It is so incredibly beautiful here the views are just incredible – I’ll try and post some photos soon.

It was sad but exhilarating leaving Melbourne airport – after repacking 300 times and trying to prioritise possessions (second teapot won out over the maths textbook) my bags were, somehow, more-or-less on the weight limit. I said a teary goodbye to my family and flew to Singapore. I was given some very shocked looks from immigration officers after explaining what I was doing for two years. Two 20 year olds off on a Contiki tour high fived me going, “niiiiice”. It’s already feeling like a bizarre experience.

I made it through Singapore without a hitch, which is a significant improvement on the Charles de Gaulle incident. On the plane I sat next to an elderly woman from Mumbai whose granddaughter is studying medicine at Melbourne Uni. As we descended (a bit too close to the blue tarpaulin roofs of the houses below) she put her hand on my arm saying “Welcome to India”.

And it was quite a welcome! I picked up my bags and stepped out into the Mumbai heat. Through the haze I saw a Union Jack paired with a Southern Cross worn by a madly waving Australian – Haylee, my fabulous second year. From the very start everyone was so incredibly welcoming. I met Alfonso (Columbia) who was waiting to pick up his firstie, Manuela, and so many other people whose names sadly escape me – I’m so sorry!

We caught a minivan with all our bags piled haphazardly on top. I chatted to Elizabeth (Germany) and Alysha (Malaysia) as we drove through the streets of Mumbai. There was so much to see and so much to hear. We got out of the city and started towards the hills. The monsoon has made everything a brilliant green and it’s all so beautiful.

While admiring the brilliant beauty of the greenery suddenly there was two consecutive crashes from the roof – we looked out of the back window to see two suitcases lying battered in the middle of the highway. The driver had to dodge the maddly beeping traffic to get them back. Luckily for me, but not for Alysha, neither were mine!

We finally made our way up a very bumpy and windy road. After 5 hours in a jeep it was incredibly encouraging to see a Mahindra UWC of India sign. After some lengthy discussions with the security we got through the gate! As soon as we stepped out of the van we were engulfed in a swarm of enthusiasm. I quickly became “Anna from Australia” and was introduced to SO MANY PEOPLE.

I met my roommates in “Wada 4” – Suhani and Mrinalini (both from India and beautifully artistic) was presented with fairy lights, and started setting up. My corner is starting to be very homey.

So much has happened so quickly. I went to an Art Center dance party, talked politics over dinner with a Norwegian and a Frenchie, discussed the ethics of Harry Potter with a Portuguese girl, had tea in a tree house with two Americans, improvised a “tumultuous love affair” with an Austrian, and while borrowing a computer charger from an Italian I somehow found myself attending a midnight birthday party for a Peruvian  in a tree house.

It’s been a crazy two days.

I apologise for the lack of photos – I thought I’d post this ASAP or mum would have a nervous breakdown.

From India, with love.

Anna xx


6 thoughts on “Hello goodbye

  1. Hi Anna,
    Louise here from Merrijig. Absolutely love your blog. It’s just awesome. It’s fabulous to know where you are and what it’s like. So interesting already. Can’t wait for more.
    Much love and have fun from Louise and Laurie too.


  2. Hello gorgeous niece of mine! So good to hear of your adventures already, Darce and I are very jealous, in fact we are going to build a treehouse here now. Much love to you xxxx


  3. Loved the blog update Spanner. Sounds very much like India. Can’t wait for some pics. Stay safe and have fun…….and study hard!!


  4. What a wonderful start to your big adventure Anna! You write so well I can almost imagine being there with you. Enjoy it all, and keep writing! Love from your godmother, Caroline x


  5. Hey Anna I am so happy to hear all these wonderful news from you and as I thought, India is really suiting you *-* can’t wait for the pictures it all seems so exciting !!! pls continue your blog and lot of love from France xx


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