I’m getting closer….

Hello, everyone! Wow, this has been so incredibly cool – in the mere month this blog has been happening already I’ve had views from almost twenty different countries! No one has left a comment though…please leave comments!!! This may not be huge in the scheme of things but WOW!  so exciting for me – already I’ve been talking to so many different, incredible people I’ll be meeting in just over a month.

The take off date is just getting closer and closer and lots of things have been happening very quickly. My family and I were invited to a UWC Australia party.

Me, Josh, Becca and Eilensia
Me, Josh, Becca and Eilensia

It was fantastic to meet and be surrounded by so many enthusiastic alumni – everyone was so warm and welcoming. Claudia, an almost-second-year at Pearson College in Canada, as soon as she entered the room (looking absolutely incredible), gasped “Anna!” and swept me into a huge hug, despite us never having met (I don’t think me having *cough* stalked her blog quite counts!).

It was great chatting to Becca and Josh for the first time since our group interview and meeting Eilensia (going to Costa Rica), who flew all the way down from Queensland. Everyone seemed to be feeling the same cocktail of excitement, apprehension and overwhelming acceptance from the UWC Australia community.

Chris & Mairi
Chris & Mairi

It was also lovely to see Chris and Mairi, from the Australian National Committee, who were so friendly and Mairi’s daughter, Ruby (who attended LPC). The vibe of the entire room was so bright and familiar.

A couple of days later I was invited to Ruby’s flat in Melbourne for an “induction day”. While the Arctic Blast was drenching Victoria in rain and bitter winds, Ruby’s rooms were inviting with heaters and tea. We chatted to Claudia, Isaac (who had just graduated from Pearson) and Ganesh (who attended Mahindra!) and were handed a package which contained, among other things, a fabulous UWC Australia shirt – yaasss! We talked stereotypes and land rights, wombats and quad-busting japanese fisherman dances. It was great to hear Claudia and Isaac’s experiences and also learn more about MUWCI from Ganesh.

So yes, everything is becoming a bit more tangible. Everything is getting that little bit close. I’m excited (I’d be more excited if you could leave a comment…).

Much love,

Anna xx



12 thoughts on “I’m getting closer….

  1. Hello! This is the first time I read your blog 🙂
    I can share your enthusiasm and good luck with your UWC experience !
    – a co-year


  2. Hi! I hope I don’t seem too stalker-ish, but I like your blog so far. Congratulations on getting accepted to UWC! It’s one of my dreams to get accepted as well, but it’s not even time for me to apply yet. But so far I’ve been looking up everything I can possibly find about these schools, from youtube channels to blogs… Well, I guess you have another follower now! Good luck in India!


    1. Haha not at all! Thank you for commenting – you are doing EXACTLY what I did. It was really addicting! If you ever need any help when it gets a bit closer to the application process – let me know!! xx


      1. I’m good. And extremely envious of you all! I know the interviews feel such a long time ago. Might apply again in October 🙂 I know you will be amazing at Mahindra!! How did you find your interview??


      2. That would be great if you applied again! My interview went well, I think. Most of it was just me trying to stop my voice from shaking! But the interview panel were all very reassuring and there were only a few questions where I still cringe at my answers! It was super scary going first up (aside from me getting lost on the way to the interview room, but we won’t mention that!). It definitely helped talking to all you guys before I went in. What about you?


  3. Yes same here!! My voice was so weak, my body language just completely failed me! I was constantly trying to make my answers not sound clichéd!! I had the most amazing conversations with everyone that day (shame everyone has such good fb privacy haha :D), it was incredible!!! I just want to go back and talk to everyone again 🙂


  4. HI Anna, I love your blog and congratulations for getting accepted to UWC. I missed out on a place but I’ve got a chance to reapply. I look forward to following you. MUWCI is where I really really really want to go, my heart is there already!
    I wish you all the best in India and look forward to knowing more. O


  5. Hey Anna, are you there yet? Your blog is great and I’m looking forward to reading about you navigating three airports in one day and then finding your new school in all that madness of Mumbai ! We miss you crazy girl already. xx


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