Hello, I Love You

7 thoughts on “Hello, I Love You

  1. Beautiful Anna xxx
    Love and blessings from Port Fairy Australia.
    I will look forward to your insightful and loving posts.
    Savour the journey Tx


  2. Hello lovely lady….
    How exciting that you’re in Mumbai. I wonder if my pupils could contact you and quiz you about the life of children out there?
    Lots of love xxxxx


  3. Hey Anna! Bhagya here. Just saw your mum’s FB post so I’m hooked into your lovely blog and know they’re on their way to you. This adventure of yours is so exciting and near Pune of all places! I met your uncle there ages ago. What goes around!
    Sounds like you’re having a fabulous time already. I’m looking forward to checking in to see how it all is going. Take very good care of yourself. India can be brutal on the body.



  4. Hi Anna. What an amazing journey you are having. I here you will grace our shores again for a short time in December and I know there are many people who would love to catch up. There are also some four legged friends for you to see. Love your blogs when is the book coming out!!!


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